Train the Mind

I spent the last hour of last night’s shift chatting with a member who hasn’t been able to frequent the club due to a busy schedule. It started with a casual remark about her having been sat in the same spot for about fifteen minutes: “You’re either really tired from working out for about 3 hours, or you’re thinking of something very deep.”

Initially she denied either one, but eventually it turned out to be the latter.

I won’t give specifics, since it isn’t my story to tell, but the conversation involved a lot of reflection on goals, transformation, and self-worth. It’s the kind I like to have, and one I don’t have very often, since most people are either not introspective enough or unwilling to open up to that level.

Coincidentally, the previous day, I’d also had a long (though not quite as much) talk with a member that similarly touched upon the ideas of transformation and self-worth. Both these people reflected on the psychological changes that came with physical transformation, wondering how much more they could have done before had they known what they could do.

That has always been one of the key elements of a fitness journey for me. People seek out smaller waistlines, slimmer tummies, and lower weights, but the actual difference on which others comment is a difference in how you carry yourself. There are physiological reasons, yes – your back is straight because your spinal erectors and shoulder retractors are stronger, and you walk differently because the imbalances between your external and internal hip rotators have been addressed – but there’s also a newfound confidence that comes from knowing how much you can do when pushed.

Once you’ve undergone a dramatic transformation – dropped half a foot from your waistline, gained kilos of muscle, learned to pull 385lbs from the floor – you will have learned how far and how hard you can push yourself. You can face new challenges and be assured that whatever you decide to do, it will lead you somewhere better.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the path ahead will be any easier, just that you are far better equipped to handle it. Regardless of the means at your disposal, you have the internal drive – and that’s what counts.



30x 4-way Jumping Jacks

KB Complex

3 rounds @ 2x12kg

6x Double Swing

6x Double Clean

6x Front Squat

6x Double Jerk

KB One-arm Complex

Work through 4 total ladders of 2/4/6, alternating arms after each rung

Use a 16kg KB if you’re me today, 20kg if you’re me from 2 years ago

One-arm Swing

KB Snatch

Offset Front Squat

One-arm Row


10×30/30 Plank


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