What is a Trainer Worth?

“You shouldn’t be here.”

These were the exact words spoken to me by a club member when I told him what degree I’d earned and from which university. He went on to say that someone with my qualifications and abilities was wasted minding gym equipment and training housewives. I suppose it was a weird kind of compliment, but it made me think of the way people view trainers, and educators in general.

What is a trainer? What skills and knowledge would a trainer presumably possess? For that matter, how much is a teacher expected to know to do his or her job properly?

The answer is: everything you could possibly imagine necessary. During our Foundations training, we were taught biomechanics, anatomy, exercise physiology, and movement assessment, among many other things. Later workshops taught communication, plyometrics, and myofascial release. We’ve got Red Cross training coming up, as well as equipment-specific modalities.

How is it a waste of intelligence to take on a job that requires learning all this and more?

More important perhaps than the requisite ability is the scale of responsibility that is placed on educators.

Take grade school teachers. They are the people to whom you entrust the intellectual development of your children. You expect them to teach math, science, and language. You also expect them to instill basic values such as honesty, diligence, and self-confidence. In short, a large part of the development of the world’s future is in the hands of someone who is overworked, underpaid, and vastly under-appreciated.

Similarly, a trainer’s responsibilities range from entertaining a doctor’s idle wife to bringing a rehabilitating athlete back to high-level competition. Yes, some trainers simply hang around dingy gyms and give the occasional spot to a bencher. Others are responsible for people’s careers and dreams.

It takes a great deal of skill to successfully fill the role, but also a great deal of courage not to buckle under the pressure.

Yes, there are those in the field who refuse to take the job so seriously. The same can be said about just about every career in existence. Their existence doesn’t diminish those who lead the charge.

So am I wasting my expensive college education in a low-paying rank-and-file position that has me working nine-hour shifts six days a week? It may seem so right now, when we have no clients or classes to handle, but I know from experience that once we start changing lives – making dreams come true – it’ll all make sense.

The point of every life is to contribute positively. This is an excellent way to do it.




5min Row @ progressive pace

5x10s hard / 50s moderate Row

Barbell Complex

3×6 @ 35kg



Bent-over Row

Hang Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

Round Interval

1 round per min for 10min @ 45kg

2x Power Clean

2x Hang Clean

1x Thruster

Deadlift Buildup

3x @ 100kg

2x @ 115kg

1x @ 125/130/135/140/145kg


5 sets / 2min rest

5x Deadlift @ 115kg

10x Split Jump

Calf Work

5×20 Seated Calf Raise @ 90kg

5×15 Single-leg Seated Calf Raise @ 45kg

5×15 Single-leg Rocking Calf Raise @ 10kg

Final Work

10-1x Decline Roll-up @ 10kg

10min Stretch to cool down


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