Something that has been bothering me lately – well, not lately, but I’ve only just begun having time to really think about it – is a lack of recognition.


Now, I’m not an attention whore. I don’t train people to be recognized. I don’t work hard to be recognized. I do my job because I was raised and trained to give my best. I build myself to be as competent as possible in the execution of my duties because I was raised and trained to do so. I derive satisfaction from trainees achieving things they once believed impossible. 


However, I’d still like a measure of respect, although validation/vindication might be more accurate terms. I want to hear people recognize that I had a hand in their development. I want to be told that I am in fact good at my job. 

I can’t ask for this, though. I’ve always believed that respect is commanded, not demanded, and so I avoid being that guy who couldn’t earn respect and had to beg for it. Thus, in my mind, if people didn’t recognize that I was good at my job, I probably wasn’t.


I could be wrong, though. I know for a fact that several people who have passed through my training have improved wonderfully. I’ve seen them grow physically and mentally. I’ve guided their development and pushed them to new heights. While I cannot take full credit – a good deal of that will always go to the person him or herself, and his or her ability to take on a challenge – I know that I at least had a hand in it.


Meh. I suppose for now, an old code from my COCC days will have to suffice.


What Makes A Good Leader?
A leader is best
When people are least aware
Of his leadership,
Not so good when they
Acclaim and obey him blindly,
Worse when they despise him.
But of a good leader
Who talks little
When his work is done
And his aim fulfilled,
They will say:
“We did it ourselves.”


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